Speaker Coaching

The ability to sell your ideas as a leader, an expert, and an influencer is dependent on your dynamic communication skills. To be an effective communicator you need to have a clear message, a persuasive delivery, and a compelling argument.

Whether you are preparing to speak at a stakeholder meeting, a leadership summit, a corporate event, an industry conference or on a global stage, Saatori enables you to access, engage, and upgrade your voice and vision so your message is heard and compels insight and action.

What we do for you

The impact of powerful speeches can elevate your profile in your company and on to the world stage, attract new business opportunities, and catalyze social movements. With the popularity of TED and TEDx talks, Pecha Kucha and the increasing prominence of multi-disciplinary conferences such as PopTech!, Lift, and SXSW, condensed talks lasting 3-20 minutes are effective at attracting widespread interest and inciting change.

Saatori activates your voice and amplifies your message during:

  • TED style talks
  • Global summits
  • Shareholder meetings
  • Corporate kickoff events
  • Keynote presentations
  • Board meetings
  • Investment pitches
  • New product launches
  • Converting customers to contract
  • And…Getting more resources from your manager

Saatori invests in your ability to:

  • Draw out to showcase the experience, wisdom, and ideas stored within
  • Curate, filter, and test the ideas, data, and anecdotes for relevance and importance
  • Organize, refine, and streamline the flow, the framework, and the storytelling experience
  • Prepare, polish, and personalize the material for you and your style
  • Support and encourage you to go the distance to shine in the spotlight

When stakes are high and you need to be heard, Saatori guides you to:

  • Connect with your authenticity and credibility
  • Zoom in and amplify your call to action
  • Galvanize your audience with your message
  • Refine your personal presentation style
  • Get noticed and be remembered